The Alaska Libertarian Party resolves that the Permanent Fund Dividend will be restored. The below resolution will be forwarded to all legislators in the upcoming special session in October.


Whereas Alaskans’ resources rights have been held in common in exchange for Statehood;

Whereas apportion royalties from these resources pay the owners of those resources, Alaskans, dividends under the Permanent Fund Dividend;

Whereas the statutory disbursement required of these funds – essentially rent on Alaskans’ property – go unpaid in favor of money to special interest groups;

Whereas the Permanent Fund Dividend is a bulwark against irresponsible expansion of state government;

Whereas Alaska Libertarians were instrumental in getting the Permanent Fund Dividend established and are determined to preserve that legacy;
Whereas numerous Alaskan statesmen, elected leaders, and governors have upheld the precept that each resident is in fact a co-owner of state resources held in trust, that these joint holdings earn royalties that are in fact the property of each Alaskan;
Now, therefore, be it resolved, that the Alaskan Libertarian Party (ALP):
1. urges all state legislators to restore and return all dividend payments that have been wrongfully taken;

2. urges that all future payments be disbursed using the current statutory calculation formula;
3. urges that an amendment to the Alaska Constitution be written and passed forever protecting and establishing these property rights for all Alaskan residents; and
4. supports any and all efforts toward this end, be they executive, legislative, or citizens’ referendum.

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