The Alaska Libertarian Party categorically condemns President Biden’s recent vaccine mandate.

The Libertarian Party has always stood behind the principle of “my body, my choice”.

It is beyond clear that this dictate, this rulership of the political class, has crossed a rubicon. This last, intimate boundary into the body of every American is now violated for an alleged feeling of safety.

This is a direct attack on American jobs in an already challenging environment, caused primarily by government overreach in the first place. This policy has not and will not result in increased security. It will in fact destroy it, as the economic and social bonds between every American are torn apart in a ham-fisted and obvious drive toward totalitarian government control over every aspect of our lives.

With this in mind, the Alaska Libertarian Party pledges to continue to reject, nullify, and otherwise negate every trespass upon the individual – regarding privacy, self-defense, personal decisions, life choices, or any other personal matter.

The time has come for each citizen to enforce their own natural rights, while responsibly protecting the rights of others. Each and every representative is expected to defend the same.

From our Governor to our local assemblies, we demand your protection. If you cannot fulfill this honored obligation, the individuals of this great state most certainly will.


In Liberty,

Jon Briggs Watts

Chair, Alaska Libertarian Party

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