Adopted at the May 12, 2018 Convention in Anchorage, Alaska.

A. Encourage and support ALP candidates for political office.
B. Advancing public policy issues in keeping with liberty philosophy,
     including passing legislative initiatives and supporting legislation which
     advances our platform.
C. Supporting political education concerning free people and free markets.
D. Seeking publicity for liberty philosophy.
E. Maintaining and growing the Alaska Libertarian Party to achieve election
    of candidates to public office.

A person shall become a member of the ALP when the person has become a
registered Libertarian voter in the State of Alaska or submits a membership
application to the secretary, and pays an annual fee as enumerated in the

The ALP is governed by this Constitution, the ALP Bylaws, the Platform and
membership as expressed at ALP conventions. This Constitution may be
amended or dissolved only upon a vote of more than 75% of delegates at
the biennial ALP Convention. There shall be an Executive Board of the ALP
consisting of a minimum of five elective offices:

Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership

The Executive Board shall operate as the voice and conscience of the ALP as
well as managing Party initiatives and elective campaigns. The Chair of the
board is recognized as the unitary public voice of the party, always reflecting
the platform and constitution. Regular meetings of the Executive Board shall
be held at a location and time established by the Chairman provided a
quorum of 67% is achieved. Members may participate at meetings by audio
or audiovisual means, if practical.

Other Executive Board Offices and sub-committees may be established by
the ALP Executive Board through the ALP Bylaws the committee by this
provision is hereby empowered to establish. Bylaws may be established or
amended by a 67% vote of the Executive Board. Bylaws may cover any
area of ALP operations the Executive Board chooses, but consistent with
principles of necessity and brevity in rule-making and the creation of Party
offices. Such bylaws shall not be in conflict with this Constitution. All Party
conventions and formal meetings shall be conducted under “Robert’s Rules
of Order”.

The ALP shall hold a Biennial Convention no later than September with the
Chairman as the presiding officer. Upon a vote of 75% of the Executive
Board or the petition of 75% of ALP members, the Chairman shall schedule a
Special Party Convention on any matter where the voice of the Party
membership is necessary or desirable. Notice of all Conventions shall be
distributed as widely as possible, including a formal notice from the
Chairman at least 30 days before the convention, in pen or electronic.

ALP convention delegates shall be members of the ALP and 18 years of age.
Delegates at a convention shall be determined and certified by the Chairman
in consultation with the Membership Chairman. The Executive Board shall
establish a method of remote participation of affiliates.

The Biennial ALP Convention shall elect the officers of the ALP executive
board every two years commencing with the 2018 convention. Additionally,
any temporarily appointed elected position will be up for election as well.
Nominate delegates to the National Libertarian Party Convention, review the
Party platform, determine how Party elective candidates are chosen within
the Alaska elections laws.

The Convention may issue directives to the Executive Board to carry out. All
matters may also be considered for revision at Special ALP Conventions. All
Convention votes shall be by majority rule unless otherwise stated in this
Constitution or Robert’s Rules of Order.

The Executive Board of the ALP shall:

A. Direct all activities of the ALP consistent with this Constitution, Platform,
the ALP Bylaws and directives from Party Conventions, including but not limited to:

1. Endorse or recommend ALP candidates, issues, or projects that advance liberty;
2. Score other liberty candidates of other parties if there is no libertarian
candidate in the race.
3. Fill by appointment any vacancies that occur. Such appointees will serve
until the next convention.
4. Hold Executive board meetings, open to registered Libertarians, every
quarter of the calendar year proceeded by at least a 30 day notice to membership.
5. Encourage and recognize the new local ALP affiliates.
6. The Chair acting on behalf of the executive board shall repudiate any
statements by a person or group wrongly made publicly in the name of the ALP.
7. Establish ALP delegate and/or convention fees;
8. Create new temporary ALP committees as necessary;
9. Furnish the State of Alaska division of elections with the pertinent
information of the candidates for U.S. President and Vice-President, as well
as electors for these offices, in the manner specified by law.
10. Perform all reporting to the Alaska Public Offices Commission (APOC) or
other future agencies as the law requires.

All Executive votes shall be by majority rule unless otherwise stated in this
Constitution or Robert’s Rules of Order.

Elected ALP officers may be removed from office by a 75% vote of the
Executive Board or a majority of Special Convention Delegates due to
malfeasance or nonperformance. Missing three out of four consecutive
Executive Committee meetings (without a recognized excuse) shall be
grounds for removal from office.

The ALP shall participate as the statewide Alaska affiliate of the National
Libertarian Party enjoying all of the privileges and responsibilities that come
along. Selection of the Presidential and Vice-Presidential Candidates – The
ALP will accept as party nominees for President and Vice-President the two
candidates chosen for those offices by the National Libertarian Party National
Convention. No formal vote for the two offices is required of the ALP. The
ALP is free to endorse and support Presidential and Vice-Presidential
candidates for selection by the National Libertarian Party Convention, though
the ALP delegates to the national convention shall ultimately voice the ALP
choice for nominees to national offices.

Selection of Electors for the Presidential and Vice-Presidential Candidates –
The Executive Committee, or in exigent circumstances the Chair or the Vice-
Chair or other party officer as necessary, may authorize and present to
Alaska election authorities the list of ALP candidates to serve as Electors of
the Electoral College that ultimately determine the election of the President
and Vice-President.

Selection of Candidates for State Elective Office – While the selection of party
nominees to elective office is presently governed by Alaska election law, the
ALP may always express its preference in prospective party candidates and
support those candidates directly, whether the preference is made by a
convention vote or by executive or affiliate committee vote.

The ALP will compete for elective office through the primary and general
elections rules as set by the State of Alaska while advocating for a change
from an elective system that primarily serves the interests of established
political parties.

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