Adopted by Convention: 13 May 89: As Amended 1996, 1997, 1999, 2001, 2010, 2012, 2013,
2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2022

Section One: Executive Committees

In addition to the five offices of the Executive Board (committee) established by
the ALP Constitution, the offices of Fund raising Chair and Communications Director are hereby
established as provided by Article V (A)(2).

Elections for the additional offices shall be held at the first committee meeting following the
biennial convention using the voting procedure outlined below for conventions. Further,
one committee member shall be selected by a similar vote to serve as the Party
Parliamentarian as provided for in Robert’s Rules of Order

1. Chair – (a) Act as presiding officer at Conventions and committee meetings of all

(b) Call all conventions and committee meetings of all kinds.

(c) Direct the party in retaining its legal status in Alaska as a
recognized political party and in complying with all Alaska election

(d) Maintain the party’s status with the National Libertarian Party.
Resolve national party issues with the vote of the committee as

(e) Rule as necessary on membership and procedural matters.

(f) Act as the unitary public voice of the party on all matters.

2. Vice-Chair

a) Assume the Chair’s responsibilities as required by absence.

(b) Organize the time, place and content of conventions, including
recruitment of speakers and other offerings.

(c) Draft and gain the Chair’s approval of an agenda for conventions
and committee meetings.

(d) Act as primary point-of-contact for ALP candidates and their

3. Secretary

(a) Maintain all party records.

(b) Draft and gain approval of minutes for all conventions and
committee meetings.

(c) Prepare and submit election law reporting to the State of Alaska.

(d) Assist the Chair and Vice-Chair in their duties as necessary.

4. Treasurer

(a) Monitor and authorize as necessary all party expenditures, including
full authority alone to authorize necessary expenditures of $200 or less.

(b) Report on the state of party finances at conventions and committee
meetings, including all special authorizations by the Treasurer.

(c) Assist the Secretary in his or her duties, including the submission of
Alaska election law reporting.

(d) Prepare and file all necessary schedules and forms required by the
tax laws of the United States or of the State of Alaska.

(e) Maintain all party financial records as directed by the

5. Membership Chair

(a) Maintain a current membership roster.

(b) Establish and execute membership drives.

(c) Train all party members concerning the steps to establishing
membership in the party.

(d) Report to conventions and committee meetings on
membership matters, including recommendations on
accepting proposed affiliate parties.

6. Fundraising Chair

(a) Maintain a current donors’ roster.

(b) Establish and execute fund raising drives.

(c) Assist the Secretary and Treasurer in preparing Alaska
election law reporting.

(d) Report to conventions and committee meetings on
fund raising matters.

7. Communications Director

(a) Administrate, maintain and improve the party’s web site,
Alaska Libertarian Party, and all party outreach materials to
include all social media.

(b) Draft and issue press releases with approval as

(c) Establish and execute publicity campaigns.

(d) Act as the primary point-of-contact for all interaction
with the press/media.

(e) Compose and circulate a party newsletter

(f) Monitor all social media of affiliates and report to chair.
One person may serve in more than one committee office. Such person shall hold only one
committee vote no matter the number of offices held.

All officer duties may be fully taken up temporarily by other committee members as
circumstances may require with the approval of the committee as discretion requires.

1.Quorum – The participation of 60 percent of the committee shall constitute a quorum for

2. Scheduling/Notice – The Chair shall establish dates and locations for committee meetings
proving written notice to committee members no less than three days prior to the
meeting. Participation by audio-visual or telephone link is encouraged, should the necessary
equipment be available. Notice of committee meetings shall also be forwarded to all party

3. Participation – All party members are encouraged to attend committee meetings and
participate in debate (not to make motions or vote). Guests of party members may also attend
and will be given some opportunity to speak should they wish to. Guests should be identified to
the Vice-Chair sometime prior to the committee meeting.

4. Honor Code – a) No member shall willfully misrepresent events known to them during
committee debate, b) No member shall employ personal insults toward anyone during debate, c)
No member other than the Chair shall say they speak for the party unless specifically authorized
to do so, e) internal party matters shall be kept confidential at the discretion of the Executive
Board, f) Transparency in all party matters shall be observed to party members with regards to
private board meetings.

5. Board Vacancies – Should a board member die, resign or become disabled the committee may
select a replacement to fill the remainder of the two-year term in office.

Section Two: Party Conventions

1. Single winner elections – Candidates for party office may be nominated and seconded on the
convention floor by delegates. To be eligible, candidates for party office must have been a member of the ALP (per section seven of the bylaws) for at least six months prior to convention. Each candidate will have the chance to speak to the convention and to have one other person at least speak on his or her behalf.

A candidate must win a majority of delegates voting with runoff votes as necessary. In a tie after
two runoff votes, the party officer shall be selected by flipping a coin supervised by the Chair or

2. Multi-winner elections – Candidates may be nominated and seconded on the convention floor
by delegates. Delegates may vote for as many people on the National Party Convention delegate
list, subcommittee membership or other party list being determined calls for. The number of
votes per delegate will be set by the Chair when there is no finite number that applies. There
shall follow the same number of votes as the roster requires, with the winner of each vote being
elected to the list, even by a plurality vote.


Section Three: Local Party Affiliates

May be formed as a part of the ALP by a vote of the committee after a detailed written
submission by the new affiliate members has been provided at least twenty (20) days prior to a
committee vote. These details should include the administrator contact, scheduled general
meetings and minutes submitted to the ALP committee.

Local party affiliates shall have the authority to endorse candidates in their area and other
specific powers that may be granted by the committee.

Section Four: Selection of Candidates for Elective Office

The party shall seek to aid and select candidates for elective office loyal to the party platform
who would make a capable public official and a credible candidate for office. The method of
selection may be made by convention or by committee vote as time circumstances call for.

Section Five: Expenditures

A. Committee members shall bring spending needs before committee in their area of
responsibility and also for elective campaigns, legislative initiatives, public interest advocacy,
party growth, conventions, meetings, events or related subjects. General party members may
also bring such requests before the committee if submitted in writing to the Vice-Chair at least
one week prior to a committee vote.

B. The Treasurer will ensure all party liabilities are paid in a prompt way. Expenditures
determined by the Treasurer to not be clearly payable shall be resolved by committee vote as
circumstances allow. The Treasurer has plenary authority to authorize new, necessary party
expenditures of no more than $200.

C. The Party operates on the principle of pay as you go with known funds. No binding
commitments will be made to spend funds that are beyond the present means of the party to pay.

Section Six: Legislative Initiatives

The party may take a position on every legislative initiative that appears on the Alaska ballot
accomplished by either a convention vote or a committee vote.

A member may bring a proposed legislative initiative before the committee for debate and a vote
on approval provided the proposal has been submitted in detail and scrutinized in advance by the
committee as to whether the legal standards for such initiatives has been met. All such initiatives
proposals must also quite plainly advance liberty.

Section Seven: Membership Dues/Delegate Dues

Any person registered as a Libertarian by the Alaska Division of Elections and having paid a $25.00 Membership fee ($10.00 student) shall be a member of the Alaska Libertarian Party as well as a member of any recognized Affiliates.


ALP convention delegates shall be members of the ALP for a minimum of six months, have completed at least six hours of volunteer work in support of the party (or a party endorsed candidate), be residents of the state of Alaska, and be at least 18 years of age.

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