Chris Bye, Libertarian candidate for Alaska’s lone U.S. House representative, earned the endorsement of the Alaska Libertarian Party in 2021 when he began his campaign to unseat the late Don Young. Since then he has carried the libertarian message to thousands of Alaskans through campaign events, most recently spending three days at the MatSu Outdoorsman Show, the same weekend he turned in the paperwork to participate in the special election.

“We have allowed career politicians to create $30 trillion of debt, the Patriot Act, America’s Longest War, and countless volumes of rights restricting regulations,” said Bye, an Army combat veteran and Fairbanks resident. “It is time the people of this country step up and become the citizen legislators our Republic needs.”

The ALP looks forward to his strong performance in the open primary and takes great pleasure in presenting a hard-working Alaskan as an alternative to the hand-picked elites of the old parties.


Paul Robbins Jr., MPS
Communications Chair

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